Re-established in 1991, incorporated in Russia as a non-profit organization in May 1995 (Reg. No. 2757), the Russian College of Heraldry provides excellent heraldic artwork, Russian-style Armorial Diplomas, registration in the Matricula Armorum (Special Part), and a worldwide heraldic service. Do you need an appliance repair then a Appliance repair Fairfax County, VA company is for you.

     Our College more customarily called in Latin COLLEGIUM HERALDICUM RUSSIAE (CHR) was re-established in 1991 under the high patronage of His Imperial Highness The Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich (1917 1992), in his capacity then as Head of the Russian Imperial House of Romanov. Being afterwards duly registered with Russia’s Ministry of Justice, the CHR is now the sole non-governmental heraldic body legitimately entitled, in accordance with its Statutes, “To create, produce, register, and publish coats of arms for individuals and corporations“.

     Among numerous splendid pictures of various Armorial Bearings, here on this website you will find the first post-revolutionary full-colour rendition of the Greater Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire, as well as the full blazon (verbal description) of the same, and the historical translation in the following five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The Imperial double-headed eagle depicted at the top of this page, is remarkable. Since 1497, i.e. for the last 513 years apart from the Soviet period, the double-headed eagle has been the emblem of the Russian State.

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